Spring 2022 - Now Enrolling kids and teens for After-School Programs!

Serving youth ages 6-18 years (grades 1-12), Clubs are now open Monday - Friday from 2 pm - 7 pm.

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Select Clubs offer transportation and before-school programs from 6:30 am - 9 am. Contact your local Clubhouse for

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Youth Mental Health

The Adolescent Years

For over 60 years, Boys & Girls Clubs have done whatever it takes to meet the needs of young people and their families. We are unwavering in our commitment to the next generation of youth and putting them on the path to Great Futures.

Our community has an urgent need for mental health services. As we work to recover from the long-term effects of COVID, this is especially true for youth. Poor mental health can affect all areas of life well into adulthood.

Youth mental health has never been more important, and we are working diligently to help address this deficit with new mental health and counseling services in our Clubs.

Mental Health Stats

Supporting Mental Health in the ClubCaregiver Challenges

Through strategic partnerships with the Nevada Department of Health & Human Services, Nevada Division of Child & Family Services, Nevada Department of Education, Clark County and UNLV, licensed therapists are available on-site at our Clubs.

These mental health professionals work in tandem with Club staff to offer trauma-informed care and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) sessions to youth.


Social Emotional Learning & Counseling Services

Designed for both prevention and early intervention in youth 1st to 12th grade, programs are applicable to a broad range of children (typically developing, behaviorally challenged, high functioning). Sessions are strategically co-facilitated by licensed clinicians and Boys & Girls Club Staff (Youth Development Professionals).


  • Delivered via group therapy sessions
  • Builds emotional awareness of themselves and others
  • Creates healthy emotion management strategies (as alternatives to risky behaviors)
  • After each session, families receive summaries with skills learned and tips to reinforce skills and provide support at home

Innovative Approach To Delivery

  • Youth are familiar with Club Staff and already feel safe; this increases engagement and expedites kids’ willingness to communicate freely
  • Kids practice skills during regular Club programming; Club Staff provide verbal redirection, encouragement and praise to reinforce skills learned
  • Staff learn therapeutic techniques directly from licensed mental health clinicians, encouraging further development in mental health fields (counseling, psychology, education, social work, etc.)

Graduate Student Integration

  • Strategically placed in Clubs, students observe and guide Staff in addressing challenging behaviors
  • Students co-facilitate group sessions and parent workshops

Family Support & Counseling Accessibility

  • Group Sessions identify candidates for Individual and Family Counseling Needs
  • Workshops and Family Counseling available during daytime, evenings and Saturdays for working parents


Mental Health BGCSNV Partnerships2

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